Ground Zero Animation Expo Round-Up

In Which, "Zaida" Books sell out and I realize how amazing the art community is. 

This past weekend of February 18th and 19th was the second annual Ground Zero Animation Expo. Stephanie Rizo and I were selling copies of our book "Zaida" which SOLD OUT, and prints of our story and personal work. This expo is a small event dedicated to the art community in SoCal put together by Fan Alley (the very amazing Eva!). 

Stephanie and I also spoke on a panel about our book, "Zaida". It was a very relaxed Q&A about our story development and just our personal personal relationship when it comes to building a story together. The questions were great and I found that I learned a lot about myself in the process. But I am lucky to work with a partner that understands and is motivated to create a really great story and to produce really great art. I fell lucky to have a small platform to share it. 

Our books sold out! We got a lot of positive feedback. Hopefully the book will be available soon online as well as a special little store which we will announce soon once things are finalized. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of photos this weekend because I was so busy talking to people and meeting amazing artists, but I am looking forward now to settling down and working on my art again. The next step for me is continuing applying to internships and studios to work with other artists that want to create great stories.

Thank you!

MY CANVAS PRINTS SOLD!!!!She was my first customer :)