Gouache Process


I wanted to share the process, step by step, overview of when I do any gouache painting. I recently finished this commission and a personal piece and was taking pictures as I went along for my own use then I realized I should share it! 

Something that I am not sure whether I have shared is that this series grew out of wanting to experiment with gouache to relieve anxieties. I found a lot of relief through shape making and experiment with color. It's been a wonderful feeling to see how people have reacted to see the positive reactions to the unexpected series. 

I'd also like to add that I was listening to two things while creating these pieces. One, Bobby Chiu's interviews with professional artists and two, the soundtrack of "Inside Out".  The interviews fuel me with inspiration and motivating while the soundtrack simply makes me happy. I will link the specific videos below. I hope it helps YOU if you have found yourself in the same place filled with anxiety.

Interview with Tuna Bora. Production designer on the 1st Oscar nominated VR short film


Inside Out Soundtrack



Gouache Process, 2017

In the image above, I started by placing two different hues of blue down in cloud-like, billowy shapes. Normally I begin with small strokes, but I wanted to work a bit losser this time. For the trees, I had laid down a dark, muddy, forest green color which i then wen back and dded some stripes of light green and then dark purple where the light wouldn't hit. I wanted to have a bit of light coming in from behind the trees which would also add interest to where I wanted the little animal to come in.  In the last image I added about three different hues of purple as circles which I later went back with a reddish color and added the lines that leaves have. The finishing touch were the light blue dots that represented small flowers at the end of the billowy shapes. It felt like to add this weight to the bottom of the painting.

Goauche Process, 2017

The process for this piece was the same as the first one shown. The only difference here is the I added the yellow glows flowing down the leaves. In these images you can see the beginning process more. You can see the first layer of leaves (and the different hues of blues used). I kept layering the colors. At one point I added with a larger brush, some dark blues to push back some of the shapes, like on the right of the painting. 

I will be selling some of these original gouache paintings at the Ground Zero Animation Expo if anyone is interested in purchasing one.


Thank you for reading!